Layered Composites

Purple Chatoyant Carbon Fiber Guitar

Purple Guitar face made of Chatoyant Carbon Fiber
Chatoyant CF with chameleon valley fill on an '86 Jackson

What are Dichrolam® Layered Composites?

Our Layered Composite lines bring all of our favorite things together, including carbon fiber, dichroic films, metals, other composites and our custom patterns. Product applications are far-reaching, and growing every day, from guitar tops and knife scales to super car dashboards and luxury yacht interiors.

The first line of our Layered Composites which we developed was our Patented Chatoyant Carbon Fiber™, sometimes referred to as CCF. In which we use our proprietary process to create a carbon fiber layer, molded perfectly to recreate exotic wood figure such as Quilted Maple. We have gone on to develop two additional lines, DichroQuilt™ and DichroFlame™, which bring dichroic colors into the mix. These composites can be seen featured in a number of guitar tops by some of the world's finest custom guitar makers.

DichroQuilt Guitar Top

Dichrolam Fire Burl Resin Stock
DichroQuilt Guitar, Quilted Maple Pattern

DichroQuilt™ and DichroFlame™ veneers for guitar tops, inlays and high-end millwork:

This stock is comprised of dichroic and metallic layers molded in our patented process to mimic 3D wood figure. Mostly used as guitar tops, although "Abalone" looks much like pearl shell, therefore it is great for inlay use.

Thick versions can be carved for arch top guitars and thick,translucent versions can be shaped into unreal dichroic sculptures.

Average thickness: 1/16".
Master panel size: 13 x 23" and 23 x 40".

Chatoyant Carbon Fiber Guitar

Blue Chatoyant Carbon Fiber Guitar
CCF Guitar tinted Blue

Chatoyant Carbon Fiber™ veneers for guitar tops, inlays, and high-end millwork:

Same as above, but in real unidirectional carbon fiber, which traces light with greater 3D "chatoyance" than figured wood. Mostly made as thin veneer for guitar tops, but is great for luxury vehicle dashboards, gauge clusters, wing faces and phone cases.

Average thickness: 1/16".
Master panel size: 13 x 23" and 23 x 40".

Chatoyant Carbon Fiber™ solid stock for knife scales, guitar bridges, etc:

Same as above with regard to the carbon fiber, but made thicker for the highest end CF ever made, on par with CarboQuartz. Used in top end cutlery, luthiery and gun grips.

Average thickness: 3/16" and 5/16".
Master panel size: 13 x 23" and 23 x 40".

MICHAEL Thermoformed

Michale Thermoformed Dichrolam
Archangel Michael Thermoformed Dichrolam

Have custom needs?

We can fabricate a layered composite of virtually any pattern, as well as most thicknesses and color combinations to meet custom needs for your product line.

We’re happy to work with you to plan and quote your large scale custom orders. Contact our manufacturing center to get started.

Ready to start working with Dichrolam?
We have CCF and DichroQuilt fabrication guides available for download: (coming soon!)

Be sure to visit our Dichro Gallery for examples of the amazing products that have been created with Dichrolam Layered Composites.

Looking to purchase Dichrolam Layered Composites?

Personal Orders and One Offs
Looking for individual pieces of Dichrolam Burl or Layered Composites for your projects?
We have several retail distributors:
And for our new Resin Receptive Burl films:
Domestic - Direct Sales starting at 4 sq. feet
Internationally - of Australia
Commercial, Volume and Custom Orders
Interested in a quote for a commercial job, bulk order or large custom job?
Dichrolam Burl River Table Feel free to reach out to our manufacturing center directly! We quote custom work starting in the low 4 figures and can build a composite product around your specifications. If you can dream it, John and his team can fabricate it!
Architectural Glass Buyers
Looking to purchase dichroic glass panels or impressed textures?
IgorGlass LogoPlease contact our national rep Igor Beaufils at Igor has years of experience with our products, as well as commercial glass, and can help you make an informed decision based on your specific project needs.
Layered Composites Sample Packs

We currently have sample packs available for purchase for most of our Layered Composite lines. These may include Chatoyant Carbon Fiber in several color patterns as well as some of our unique DichroQuilt and DichroFlame.

If you'd like to order samples please fill out this form and indicate your preferred composite types!
Purple CCF Knife Handle
Purple Chatoyant Carbon Fiber Knife
Chatoyant Carbon Fiber Knife Scale
Visit the Dichro Gallery to see more amazing products made from our composites.